My Tech Journey

You wouldn’t think there were too many Amish folks around in Australia. I suppose that’s true…we’re not well-known, and most don’t even call us Amish. We’re just those hill folks who eschew technology. It’s less of an outright rejection and more like…hostile suspicion. But there’s only so much you can indoctrinate a child, and my… Read More

Casino Royale: My Life

Whenever I tell people I work at a casino I get one of two common responses; are you a blackjack dealer?, or, does the house always win?. The answer to both happens to be the same, no. I actually work in the high stakes security department. Our work is highly confidential so the conversation normally… Read More

Lessons from the elder

I finally got around to reading a book that my Grandpa got me for Christmas. I have to admit, The Ice Prince: How One Yugoslavian Ice Skater Lost his Groove and Gained it Back wasn’t exactly the most enticing title, for me at least. I’ve never ice skated, or skied, or been to Yugoslavia. In… Read More

Organising the industry awards

This year my company has been given the honour of hosting the annual industry awards night. It is not that much of an honour, in fact, every year we try to avoid being chosen because of all the stress that comes with arranging it. My first task is to find a function venue accessible from Melbourne… Read More

How to study game design like a pro

The game design industry is a very competitive place. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of ways that you can make yourself stand out and blitz your end of term exams. The recommendations provided are key to your success because they delicately juggle social and academic life. For anyone studying game design courses, give them… Read More